It Is Time To RISE!

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“We must participate in our own survival,or we will most certainly be complicit in our own demise” Reggie. Smith – Editor-in-chief
“RISE” multimedia health and wellness website provides an interactive format, which includes audio, and video interviews, featured articles, and reported information concerning individuals and organizations in the health and wellness arena.  Our website is providing holistic healing solutions by networking with people, businesses, and service providers in order to share cutting edge information as a community.“RISE” multimedia health and wellness E-magazine provides wellness education and information to both the healers and those in need of healing.  “RISE” E-MAGAZINE is delivering insightful commentary, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellness tips and information from a holistic perspective.  “RISE” E-MAGAZINE is delivered weekly via email and mobile devices, and is pervasive and well accepted in our most popular social networks.  In “RISE”, we provide fun and useful information that supports you as you enhance the quality of your life!  Thank you for sharing your strength, hope, and experiences with us here in “RISE”!!!
Now is the time for us to raise our consciousness about our responsibility for our own wellness.  There is very little, if anything, preventing us from heightening our awareness about how we can recover from the multitude of maladies that are plaguing our communities.  Data overwhelmingly supports the need, and desire for information and resources that will help to create an atmosphere for healing.  Pain and unnecessary suffering are ushering in a shift in the paradigm as it pertains to wellness care.  Among low-income patients, natural medicines and access to primary care is associated with better preventive care, better management of chronic conditions, and reduced mortality. Geographic areas where there are higher levels of primary care, mortality rates are lower.

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